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There are 26 Shotokan Katas.

 Basic Katas

The first five katas that Shotokan practitioners learn are the basic Heian Katas.

 1. Heian Shodan

 2. Heian Nidan

 3. Heian Sandan

 4. Heian Yondan

 5. Heian Godan.

Advanced Katas

The World Karate Federation  (WKF) allows karate practitioners to perform any of the other 21 advanced Shotokan Katas.

 1. Bassai-Dai

 2. Bassai-Sho

 3. Kanku-Dai

 4. Kanku-Sho

 5. Tekki-Shodan

 6. Tekki-Nidan

 7. Tekki-Sandan

 8. Hangetsu

 9. Jitte

 10. Enpi

 11. Gankaku

 12. Jion

 13. Sochin

 14. Nijushiho Sho

 15. Goju Shiho-Dai

 16. Goju Shiho-Sho

 17. Chinte

 18. Unsu

 19. Meikyo

 20. Wankan

 21. Jiin