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Full Kata - from 4 directions

 Full Kata Videos

Click on each of the videos below to watch the kata performed from different angles. When practicing with the front view, watch and repeat the movement at the same time while facing away from the screen and turning your head to look back. When practicing with the side view (left side), turn your body to the left (away from the screen) as if you are standing beside Rasdre. When practicing with the other side view (right side), turn your body away from the screen to the right and face the same direction as Rasdre. When practicing with the back view, face the screen and follow the movements and turns. You may also access the course on two separate devices and set up the screen in front of you to display the back view and the screen behind you to display the front view. To maximize the screen, click on the square in the bottom right corner of each video. 

 Heian Shodan - Front View

Heian Shodan - Side View (Left Side)


Heian Shodan - Side View (Right Side) 

Heian Shodan - Back View 

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