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Introduction to the First Shotokan Kata: Heian Shodan

Practice each section of the kata by clicking on the hyperlinks below  prior to starting the full kata videos. Heian Shodan is the first Shotokan Kata and is often used for the first belt test. The Kata contains 21 movements. The first 17 movements are performed in a front stance, or Zenkutsu Dachi. The last four movements (#18-21) are performed in a back stance, or Kokutsu Dachi.

The 1st movement is a downward block, which is used to defend against an attack such as a front kick or a punch. The second movement is a punch to the stomach. Move #3 is a downward block; move #4- a strike, move #5 - a punch; move #6 - a downward block, move #7, move #8 & move #9 are rising blocks (and may also be used as a strikes), move #10 - downward block, move #11- punch, move #12 - downward block, move #13 - punch, move #14 - downward block, move #15, move #16 & move #17 - punches, move #18, move #19, move #20 and move #21  are knife hand blocks. Move #9 and move #17 are accompanied by a "kiai".