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Free Online Karate Course

Are you looking for a karate class for your child, but cannot find a school because he or she is too young? Gain access to our Free Online Karate Course and Learn the first Shotokan Kata (Heian Shodan) today.

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Most Karate schools do not accept students who are younger than 6 years old. Although Hayabusa Karate accepts very young students (starting at age 2!), we realize that not every child lives close to our dojo. We decided to do something that would enable every little aspiring karate-ka to begin practicing karate regardless of parent schedules, location, focus level and cost. This course is available for free and accessible to everyone with an internet connection. All you need is a little bit of space to move around. 

Sign up now to receive free videos of Heian Shodan performed by 5 year old Rasdre who has been practicing Karate since he was 2 years old. Now your child can begin to learn Shotokan Karate at home. You may also follow our little Karate-ka (karate practitioner) @karatekidrasdre on Instagram to see photos and short clips of karate training and exercise for children.

This course is perfect for parents who cannot take their children to a karate class or those who wish to support their child at home in preparation for a yellow belt test in Shotokan Karate. The course features the first Shotokan Kata (Heian Shodan) and provides four video angles of the same kata to help your child remember and follow along. The kata contains 21 movements. Learning time necessary to remember the kata may vary. For a limited time, we are offering free feedback on your child's kata. All you need to do is video tape your child performing the kata, upload the video to youtube and e-mail the link to