Vancouver Karate School in Kitsilano, Vancouver. For Kids and Adults in Vancouver.


Please feel free to share your personal experience at Hayabusa Karate with others.

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Reply Enter Your Name
1:34 AM on April 22, 2017 
Hayabusa Karate is a wonderful dojo that values discipline and hard work. It has a wonderful teacher and coach that cares about the students. Thank you Valentyna!
Reply Emilia
2:45 AM on May 31, 2011 
Hayabusa Karate is not an obvious choice for many people because it is not widely known. Yet. Valentina has just opened the school, but she is already enjoying the devotion of the most demanding audience out there - children. Their eyes sparkle as they enter the gym, because they are eager to start the class. They know it is not going to be easy: make no mistake, Valentina is serious about karate even with the little ones, but they also know it is going to be worth it, because they walk away from the class with new skills learned and a bit more confidence in them.
For some it is just another activity, but for some it is passion, like for my daughter, who had started with two classes a week , but insisted on switching to four, because she was not getting enough. She wants to do it every day. She adores Valentina and wants to be like her.
I quietly pat myself on the back.
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2:06 AM on April 25, 2011 
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Reply Steph
1:51 PM on March 17, 2011 
Hayabusa Karate has been a great place for me to get active again. Once upon a time I used to watch Karate movies and thought that all those kicks and punches were so easy. But for the past two months I have been learning that it ain't as easy as it seems. Hayabusa Karate has taught me discipline, and has helped me work on my flexibility and strength. The best part is that every time I go I can see an improvement. The Sensei is great because she focuses on everyone individually, and together we work on improving my strengths and developing where I am weakest.
Reply natasha
9:59 PM on March 16, 2011 
Thank you a lot Valentina for your great job!!!i really love your classes,it is fun,interesting and great work out! my 2,5 years old daughte also enjoyed it!!! I would recomened to everyone!!!
Reply Salazar
7:14 PM on March 16, 2011 
I'm so happy my 3 year old has the opportunity to learn and practice Karate at such a young age. It's a great activity to keep her physically active and she loves it. I'm glad the kids class is 'toned' to her age and capacities. I mean they are little kids and they can only do so much but the instructor gets the best out of them and makes the lessons so appealing for them too. Great place for kids to get started on Karate.