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Karate - Olympics 2020

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Karate Poised to Exemplify The Olympic Core Values in Tokyo 2020

Posted by Hayabusa Karate on June 22, 2015 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (15)

You might be surprised to learn that karate is not yet an Olympic Sport when even popular action movies about Kung Fu use the name "Karate Kid" . Could this be an indicator that the public is interested in karate? Karate has one hundred million practitioners worldwide,  ten million competitors and two thousand karate events held every month worldwide. (Enkamp, 2015) . The World Karate Federation has evolved to become inclusive as the world wide passion for karate grew and its benefits became known around the world. The WKF now includes all styles of karate (WKF , 2015), holds events for peoples with disabilities such as 2014 World Championships in Bremen (WKF News, 2015) includes a significant number of both male and female competitors and a growing number of female officials.

Karate, originating in Japan, is allegedly amongst the most popular contenders for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Gillon reports that the chair of the European and the World Karate Federation organizing committees believes that karate's chances were further enhanced by the recent 2015 European Games in Baku. Rafael Aghayev (aka The Maradona of karate), Irina Zaretska and Fidovsi Fraliyev from Azerbaijan, Luigi Busa and Mattia Busatta from Italy, Sandra Sanchez and Damian Hugo Quinero from Spain, Serap Ozcelik from Turkey and Bettina Plank from Austria certainly made lasting impressions at the Baku Tournament.

The WKF, along with other federations of the short-listed sports will present to the Tokyo organizers in August and a final proposal will be made to the International Olympic Committee on September  30th. (Wire, 2015) Other shortlisted sports include baseball, bowling, roller sports, climbing, squash, surfing and wushu. (Tokyo 2020 News, 2015)

Although all shortlisted sports are worthy contenders, karate exemplifies the Olympic Core values like no other.  Karate models excellence for it is a life-time study that demands the practitioner to pursue a lifelong attempt to perfect her character. It is built on friendship through the encouragement of values such as modesty and courtesy from grassroots to elite levels. Most importantly, every karate bout begins and ends with a bow as a sign of respect for fellow competitors and officials. Beyond the spectacular technique and mesmerizing excitement that karate brings to the games, it exemplifies the Olympic Core Values in all authenticity.

If you have further suggestions or reasons why Karate should be included in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, please add your comments below.

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Beginning 2013 with determination and looking back at 2012 with joy!

Posted by Hayabusa Karate on January 25, 2013 at 3:20 AM Comments comments (1)

As we celebrate 2 years since the opening of Hayabusa Karate, let’s look at our accomplishments:


Three athletes from Hayabusa Karate officially became members of the 2013 BC Team on January 20th at the Richmond Olympic Oval and will compete at the National Karate Championships in Toronto, March 16-18th. After only 2 years since opening and with only 4 athletes competing for a spot on the BC Team, Hayabusa Karate Club came 3rd by Medal Count at the BC Team Final Selection Tournament on January 19th. Congratulations to Nathan Dong, Sarah Perez and Valentyna Zolotarova. Alex Andruzzi also competed for a spot on the team and faced several national champions in his division. We are very proud of Alex’s performance and his dedication to Karate as well as his studies at UBC.

Above: Hayabusa Karate-Kas at BC Team Training: Nathan, Alex, Valentyna, Sarah.


Due to our recent move to 1407 Laburnum Street (only a 5 minute walk from our previous location), we have been able to schedule practice at more convenient times. Currently we have 4 practices per week and will be adding a 5th practice on Thursdays starting in February! (Time to be announced shortly.)

Mon: 6-7pm Wed: 3:30-5:30pm Thurs:Coming Soon Fri: 6-7 pm Sat: 1-3 pm


Alex Bezvocov wins the Hayabusa Focus award in December 2012!


Agon, Donika, Breanna, Brett, Emma, Ethan, Tai, Casey and Rachel tested and passed their yellow belt test. Mehar, Peter and Maria passed their blue belt test. Well done!


Hayabusa did very well at the Provincial Championships. Our accomplishment include: Breanna:Gold in Kumite; Emma:Bronze in Kumite; Gwyn: Gold in Kata; Nathan: Gold in Kata; Sarah: Silver in Kumite; Alex: Bronze in Kumite; Sydney and Ethan: competed at their first Provincials; Maria: Silver in Kata; Valentyna: Gold in Kumite (-55kg) Gold in Kumite (Open Weight), Bronze in Kata, Senior Female Grand Champion, Referee of the Tournament Award. Congratulations everyone!


Hayabusa students worked as a team to help set up for the Zone 5 selection tournament and performed very well on the day of the competition. The results are: Emma: Gold in Kumite; Breanna: Gold in Kata & Bronze in Kumite; Gwyndoline:n Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite; Nathan: Gold in Kata; Peter: Gold in Kata, Bronze in Kumite; Sam: Bronze in Kumite, Sydney: Bronze in Kata and Silver in Kumite: Alex: Bronze (automatic qualification for Provincials); Thomas: 5th in Kata (Thomas had a very close bout and lost the medal round by one flag); Sarah – automatic qualification for BC Provincials, Armaan: competed in Kata for the first time and was the youngest competitor in his division; Mehar: 5th in Kumite ( Mehar versed a very strong competitor in her first round); Ethan - survived a kick to the head and performed Heian Shodan for the first time in competition; Maria: Bronze in Kata and Kumite; Valentyna: automatic qualification for BC Provincials

Above: 8/9 year old Fighting Medallists: All Hayabusa Girls:  Breanna, Sydney and Emma!

Above: Hayabusa Karate-Kas help set up for the Zone 5 Tournament.


Hayabusa Karate instructor, Valentyna Zolotarova, returned to competitive karate and participated in the Women’s Kata division only 6 weeks after giving birth to her second baby. She was very happy to represent BC once again at the National Championships in Vancouver.

6 Silver Medals at Sato Cup 2012

Posted by Hayabusa Karate on February 24, 2012 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (2)

On February 18th, Masha Mincov, Mehar Mehmi and Nathan Dong competed at the 2012 Sato Cup and won 6 silver medals. Masha won a silver in both Kata and Kumite and lost the gold by a decision of Hantei, with an even score of 4:4. Mehar achived her goal and won her first medal in Kumite while Nathan won silver in 3 different Kata divisions.  Congratulations to the 3 competitors and a big thank you to members all who volunteered!

2012 Karate Canada National Championships

Posted by Hayabusa Karate on February 3, 2012 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Hayabusa Karate is proud to support the 2012 Karate Canada National Championships, which will take place  March 16th -18th 2012 at the Richmond Olympic Oval. The instructor at Hayabusa Karate, Valentyna Zolotarova, will be competing in the Senior Women's Kata Division at the 2012 Karate Canada National Championships.

 Please visit the website below and Contact Us if you are interested in attending the National Championships as a spectator or volunteer.

Celebrating One Year Since the Opening of Hayabusa Karate

Posted by Hayabusa Karate on January 20, 2012 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

As fast as it may seem, Hayabusa Karate has now been open for one year. We have wrapped up 2011 with some great news!


Peter Eliuk, Andrei Mincov, Maria Mincov and Mehar Mehmi  tested for their yellow belts and all four of them passed the examination.  Congratulations to Peter, Andrei, Maria and Mehar!


Some of our youngest  white belts: Armaan, Jenika,  Nick, Sam, Tai and Casey have shown tremendous improvement in their kata. Rachel and Lorne have also worked very hard and inspired others with their commitment to Karate-do. A special thank you goes out to Alex Androzzi, who trains, studies in university and still finds the time to help others at the club. Last, but not least, we would like give a very warm welcome to all of our new students that joined us this year. Welcome to Hayabusa Karate! We're off to a year of hard work and excitement!


Some highlights from our first year:

"Vancouver and Us"

(about Masha Mincov, Hayabusa Karate Student)

Vancouver Mom Article: "Redefining Mom"

(about Valentyna Zolotarova, Hayabusa Karate Instructor)


Entrepreneur Mom Now Article:

(about Valentyna Zolotarova, Hayabusa Karate Instructor)


Hayabusa Karate White Belts win their 1st Tournament!

Posted by Hayabusa Karate on October 25, 2011 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (2)

On October 23rd, 2011, our white belts participated in the Zone 5 Qualifying Tournament. Zone 5 includes Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Squamish. The winners of the competition will have a chance to compete at the BC Provincial Championships next month!


Five-year-old Maria (Masha) Mincov won a Gold medal in Kumite (fighting) and a Silver medal in Kata (form) in the “Girls 7 and under” category. Masha has only been training for 6 months and was the youngest competitor in her division.


Six-year-old Mehar Mehmi won 2 Bronze medals in the “Girls 7 and under” category. Mehar competed in both Kata and Kumite for the very first time. Mehar’s four-year-old brother, Arman Mehmi, eagerly supported Mehar at the competition. Arman anticipates the day when he can compete as well.


Andrei Mincov won 2 Silver medals in the "Men's Beginner" category. All three white belts qualified for the Karate BC Provincial Championships which will occur on November 26th and 27th at BCIT.

Congratulations and keep up the hard work!




Watch these Karate Kids as young as 3 years old training at Hayabusa Karate!

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Hayabusa Karate @Ron Zalko's on 1st and Burrard in Kitsilano Vancouver

Read the Vancouver Mom article about Hayabusa Karate!

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Read the Vancouver Mom article about Hayabusa Karate here


AcentoLatinoTV Interview with Hayabusa Karate Club Instructor: Valentyna Zolotarova in Vancouver

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Watch the AcentoLatinoTV Interview with Hayabusa Karate Club Instructor: Valentyna Zolotarova here in Vancouver!


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What to do in Vancouver - Visit one of the Newest Karate Clubs in Town

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Are you looking for activities for kids? Wondering how to lose weight or get fit?  Tired of your old workout routine? Don't know what to do in Vancouver? Hayabusa Karate is here for you. Whether you are interested in lifetime fitness, traditional karate, competitions or motivation, Hayabusa has something for you, your friends and your family. Read About Us to learn more about the instructor. Contact Us to sign up for your FREE class today!

Taken at Ron Zalko Total Body and Fitness