Vancouver Karate School in Kitsilano, Vancouver. For Kids and Adults in Vancouver.

Hayabusa Karate

Hayabusa Karate is a Karate BC club that offers traditional and competition training in Kata (form) and Kumite (sparring) in Shotokan Karate. Classes are equally beneficial for serious karate practitioners as well as individuals who practice to stay healthy and in shape. A high fitness and muscle training component is incorporated into every class along with a focus on technique, strategy, self-confidence and team work. See it for yourself  by visiting Hayabusa Karate at the Billy Bishop Legion (2nd Floor) on 1407 Laburnum Street (close to Kitsilano Beach). See the class schedule here.

About the Instructor:

 Valentyna Zolotarova

 Athletic Highlights

Top 8 in Kata at the WKF Junior World Championships 2005

Wado-Ryu Kumite World champion

Senior National Canadian Grand Champion 2008

Junior National Canadian Champion 2003-2007

Junior Pan-American Bronze Medalist 2003 & 2006

National Cyprus Champion 2000


Non-Competitive Highlights

3nd Dan (3d Degree Black Belt)

Licensed PKF and WKF Judge


Other Qualifications

NCCP Certified

Bachelor of Education (University of British Columbia)

Master of Educational Technology ( University of British Columbia)

WKF Judge