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There are 26 Shotokan Katas.

 Basic Katas

The first five katas that Shotokan practitioners learn are the basic Heian Katas.

 1. Heian Shodan

 2. Heian Nidan

 3. Heian Sandan

 4. Heian Yondan

 5. Heian Godan.

Advanced Katas

The World Karate Federation  (WKF) allows karate practitioners to perform any of the other 21 advanced Shotokan Katas.

 1. Bassai-Dai

 2. Bassai-Sho

 3. Kanku-Dai

 4. Kanku-Sho

 5. Tekki-Shodan

 6. Tekki-Nidan

 7. Tekki-Sandan

 8. Hangetsu

 9. Jitte

 10. Enpi

 11. Gankaku

 12. Jion

 13. Sochin

 14. Nijushiho Sho

 15. Goju Shiho-Dai

 16. Goju Shiho-Sho

 17. Chinte

 18. Unsu

 19. Meikyo

 20. Wankan

 21. Jiin

Hayabusa Karate School (1407 Laburnum Street)


Hayabusa Karate offers classes of Shotokan Karate for children and adults in Vancouver, Canada and Revolutionary Online Karate Classes worldwide. Our Vancouver classes take place at the Billy Bishop Legion at 1407 Laburnum Street in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Children aged 2 and up and adults of any age are welcome to try out the first class for free. Attractive family rates are available. Hayabusa Karate members can benefit from insurance through membership in Karate BC and the National Karate Association. In addition to Karate BC, Hayabusa Karate belongs to the International Shotokan Karate Federation and the World Karate Federation. Detailed information about the instructor is available here.

Hayabusa Karate students have an opportunity to develop karate skills, discipline, self confidence and if they wish they can also have a chance to move up in belt ranks and participate in a variety of tournaments, seminars and other important karate events. For more information, contact Hayabusa Karate at or call 604-831-3965. See what others are saying about Hayabusa Karate here!

1407 Laburnum Street

Billy Bishop Branch 176 Royal Canadian Legion

(2 minute walk from Kitsilano Beach)

Kitisilano, Vancouver

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